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For over a decade ESH Works have been helping individuals and family members through their problems with alcohol and drugs. Our own personal experiences and extensive knowledge of the treatment options enables us to offer very practical support and guidance for people in their journey of recovery. 

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Our focus as an organisation is on 'recovery' from addiction and we believe that the necessary support is most effective when it is led by people who themselves have experienced the problems and found a solution.

The fundamental principles and ethos of the organisation are reflected in the prefix of the name 'ESH Works'. The letters ESH represent the Experience, Strength and Hope which alcoholics, addicts and their families who have lived through the issues and found a solution can give to support people who are still experiencing addiction problems.

"The principle of 'ESH' works because the knowledge, understanding and skills required to face addictive behaviour can be passed on by people who have direct, first hand experience of these issues."

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You can contact our central office on 01926 889 356 for more information about sessions or to book a drop-in appointment, alternatively send us a message using this Contact Us link.





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