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ESH Works is an established, independent, not for profit, drug and alcohol support organisation, offering private and confidential professional support, counselling, advice and guidance.

We provide individual 1-2-1 sessions and support for family members who are affected by substance misuse issues to explore their personal circumstances in a safe and confidential environment. We're then able to advise on the most appropriate and effective treatment and support the whole family through the recovery process.

The staff at ESH Works have extensive experience supporting individuals and family members through addiction problems with alcohol and drugs. Our personal experience, knowledge and understanding of the treatment options both locally and countrywide enables us to offer very practical support and guidance for families and individuals throughout their journey of recovery. 

all small light rounded featheredAddiction support is complex with so many different treatment options available which makes it really difficult for families and individuals to understand and decide on the right approach to take in order to address their addiction issues.

The cost and the quality of support varies tremendously but we understand the support options available, specifically the most effective ones from a cost and success rate perspective. We also understand about dual diagnosis and the issues that people face when dealing with mental health issues alongside drug and alcohol problems.

We pride ourselves on providing independent practical advice and guidance to allow families to make informed decisions about the treatment available. There is a fee associated with the support and guidance we provide, however, we could save you thousands of pounds by guiding you to select the correct support options and the most effective ones to give someone the best possible chance of recovery from their addiction.

Our focus as an organisation is on 'recovery' from addiction and we believe that the necessary support is most effective when it is led by people who themselves have experienced the problems and found a solution.

 "The principle of 'ESH' works because the knowledge, understanding and skills required to face addictive behaviour can be passed on by people who have direct, first hand experience of these issues."

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Please contact our central offices on 01926 811702 for an initial chat and more information, or, alternatively you can send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Family Feedback

"I never realised that my mother's primary relationship was with alcohol, and that she would do anything to protect that relationship ...I just thought she hated me and that everything was my fault. I see now that she would have said anything to keep drinking. I know now that it isn't my fault."
~ ESH Support Group Attendee (after speaking to a recovering alcoholic during a meeting)

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