ESH Works in Warwickshire

Equality, respect and care in our ethics...

ESH Works is an independent non profit making organisation providing mutual support for those addicted to or affected by alcohol, drugs or other dependencies. We offer involvement and volunteering opportunities for people with personal experience of addiction who want to help us make a difference.

ESH Works has a team of volunteers who are able to pass on their own personal experience of addiction to other people who are currently in the same position as they once were.

Our strategic management team is partly comprised of individuals who have a unique understanding of the wider impact of addiction support and involvement in terms of service provision within the existing support structures locally and nationally.

We deliver a quality service to people regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, nationality, religious belief or disability. We do not discriminate and we promote this important principle in all our activities. Our service is totally confidential. We will only share information with your consent or if there is a serious risk or concern.