ESH Works provides...

Residential Rehab for people in recovery from addiction...

ESH Works has been awarded a substantial capital grant from Public Health England (PHE) to establish a residential rehab facility and a focal point for a recovery community in Warwickshire supporting people with drugs and alcohol problems.

The grant recognises and builds on the significant contribution and impact that ESH Works has already made in the community providing peer led support to people with substance misuse issues including the families and friends of those individuals.

The programme of activity at the facility will be designed to support people achieving and maintaining a sustained abstinence based recovery. A key element of the education programme is that it will be delivered by peer volunteers, mentors and professional staff that are ‘in recovery’ who can also pass on their own experience, strength and hope.

A new initiative of the project is that support and education will be offered to family members and friends of residents along with ongoing aftercare and peer supported group sessions.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding availability and referral criteria.