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We are always looking for people to join ESH Works who have their own unique and personal experiences of living with the issues surrounding alcohol and drugs.

help wanted featheredThere are various ways to get involved, perhaps initially by just attending the support and information groups and passing on your experience. You could then potentially assist in the running and organising of the actual groups and eventually perhaps move on to peer mentoring.

However, you may just want to help us by using your local knowledge of venues, for example shops, libraries and other public facilities who you know would be willing to promote our support and information groups to ensure there's an awareness of them in your local area.

As individuals gain more skills and experience volunteering with ESH Works we aim to help people into a position of employment either within our organisation or to pursue their career externally, perhaps even in health and social care.



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You can contact our central office on 01926 889 356 for more information about sessions or to book a drop-in appointment, alternatively send us a message using this Contact Us link.





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