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Adfam recognition for family support activities

Local drugs and alcohol support organisation ESH Works, have achieved countrywide recognition for the outstanding support it provides to families of people with drugs and alcohol problems. ESH Works is the lead provider in Warwickshire supporting families through their issues with addiction and work closely with Adfam.

Adfam are a recognised countrywide family support charity founded in 1984 by the mother of a drug user who could not find the support that she needed to be able to cope with her son’s addiction. Since then, they have grown in size and influence and now work nationally to improve the quality of life for families and children affected by drug and alcohol use. ESH are delighted to announce that Adfam have chosen three family members who are supported by ESH Works in Warwickshire, to be part of their countrywide 30th birthday campaign focusing on raising awareness of the stigma and shame that can be faced by families and showing the ‘other side of addiction’: the stories of ordinary families who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

 Three members of ESH Works’ support groups were identified by Adfam to contribute their experience, strength and hope to help other family members in the same position as themselves. Thirty family member’s stories in total have been published countrywide and three of these came from the ESH Works’ support groups.

ESH Works Support Manager Nicola Roe said  
this is a fantastic testament to the support we provide for our families members’ and countrywide recognition  of the work we do

One of ESH's family members, Emma, was in a long term relationship with her husband who became dependent on Amphetamine. Not a drug user herself and with a young child to support, Emma struggled to support her husband and maintain a public image that everything was ok for fear of what might happen if anyone found out. It was not until the authorities got involved that Emma found herself able to talk about what she had been through and reclaim her life back and she now volunteers in our peer support sessions for families using her experience to help others. Her husband has been drug free for six years and they and their son have been able to recover from their experiences of the past. It is this peer led support which makes ESH work, the people who attend our support sessions then move on to potentially volunteer and support others through their difficult times.

Nicola Roe said
“As a service, we feel very proud of our family members, not only the ones who have had their stories published but for the countless others who come to us for help and are willing to talk openly about their struggles and explore ways of beginning a process of recovery for themselves”.

Two other individuals who turned to ESH Works for support when their son started to use New and Emerging drugs (Legal Highs) are also part of Adfam’s campaign, their story is one of desperation and hope and they have shared it with the hope that it will raise awareness of the dangers of legal highs and the impact that addiction can have on loved ones.

Information about Adfam’s 30th birthday celebrations and the work they do countrywide can be found at the following link:

More information about ESH Works drugs and alcohol support for families in Warwickshire can be found at or by phoning 01926 889356 or emailing