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Involvement activity FAQs

What type of things would I be involved in? - You could be involved in a user or family group that helps and supports your own or other service users' needs. By sharing your own personal experiences, perhaps in meetings, forums, or in consultations you would become in integral part of the way the alcohol and drugs services are planned, delivered, commissioned and evaluated.

What qualifications do I need? - Just your own unique life experience, that's the only qualification required.

What will I get from it? - Your involvement attending regular meetings will hopefully build your self esteem and confidence in a safe environment where your experience qualifies you as the expert. You will gain more skills and further your knowledge through your involvement.
You will be refunded travel costs and out of pocket expenses.

How can I get involved? - You can be introduced to ESH Works from any of the other service providers such as the 'Recovery Partnership. You can Contact Us direct by phone or e-mail and we'll arrange to meet with you for a chat and explain more about how you can help yourself and others. You could also come along to one of our drop-in sessions or support groups.